Providing Help to Homeless Pets Across South Carolina


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February 2013: A blanket isn't just for cold weather, if you are a shelter pet. It can be your mattress, a place to keep your newborns warm and safe or just your "security blanket" when you are scared.

That is why Elaine Gillespie jumped at the chance to pull together the distribution of 15,000 blankets to cats and dogs in shelters, foster homes, sanctuaries, adoption centers and rescue organizations.  The phone call came in from a large company in the Northeast offering the blankets along with free shipping to South Carolina if the anonymous donor could be assured that the blankets would only be used for homeless pets or pets in transition to homes.

The Good Bowl program warehouse, which is funded by The Meyer Family, accepted the blankets and immediately shipped 7,500 to their good friends at Operation Blankets of Love just outside of Los Angeles, CA. The west coast non-profit was founded specifically to distribute blankets to homeless pets who are often forced to sleep on cold, concrete floors while waiting to be adopted.

The remaining 7,500 flannel blankets were inventoried and distributed to needy cats and dogs in South Carolina.

Rookie's Reward would not exist without generous sponsors like our long time friends Austin and Lane Meyer. We appreciate them so much that we wanted to help promote The Meyers' other wonderful cause— St. Paul's School. Check out this video to see how The Meyers are assisting South Carolina students.

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