Providing Help to Homeless Pets Across South Carolina

Every dog has its day.

Founded by Nola Armstrong and Elaine Gillespie, the mission of Rookie's Reward is to help provide solutions to problems concerning homeless pets in South Carolina. So how did this charity get such an unusual name? Well, we named it to honor Nola's father Roy Armstrong, the man who saved Rookie. So who's Rookie, you ask? She was a homeless black lab found at the ballfield where Roy coached Little League baseball. Naturally Rookie stole more than 3rd base... and the baseball... she stole the hearts of the Armstrong family.

Though she passed away years ago, Rookie lives on in our hearts today, working tirelessly to draw attention to the thousands of rescue cats and dogs in need of homes in South Carolina.

• Share practical information between organizations on adoption, care for animals, etc.

• Improve conditions for animals at the local level through public education

• Provide shelter management consultation on “how to” improve the lives of shelter-bound pets to shelter and rescue organizations

• Work as a liaison between member organizations and local government

• Speak in public forums to promote the goals of Rookie's Reward

• Maintain an interactive website for members

• Facilitate direct giving programs

• Provide financial support for specific animal-related projects

• Encourage spaying and neutering

• Pursue legislation regulating condition in shelters and rescue organizations

• Pursue legislation to define animal cruelty






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